Fantastic Furby

Tortoiseshell - Baby - Female
Adoptable Small housetrained

Fascinating Furby…this flower of a feline is so fascinating you will not forget her. This fluffy Furby is unique with markings and a physique that are a direct reflection of her exotic heritage. She has an oriental flair including a feeling of feng shui that is captivating. She is petite with an elongated graceful neck. Her triangular face is a Picasso masterpiece boasting large golden eyes surrounded by sandy colored fur that almost appears to be a mask on her stunning face.. She has beautiful colorings of jet back to sandy tan sprinkled with coppery brushes. She has a finesse and grace of a queen yet a feisty, funny foolishness that that makes you giggle with delight. She is a fierce huntress and you will marvel watching her focus and practically take flight to pounce one her unsuspecting toys. Furby is a friendly little girl and plays well with others. Furby is a faithful feline loving to curl her tri-colored, flowery self next to you while her purr softly flutters through the air bringing a peaceful feng shui to all. To pre adopt this fascinating faithful feline please fill out an application.

Applications are taken on a first come basis….The petfinder “inquiry” link is NOT an application….please follow the link below for the application and a faster response. If you have a pet already and want to avoid a delay please provide vet docs with application. Call Lisa (904) 797-6039.

Wags and Whiskers takes get pride in committing their pets to the highest standards of health and socialization. Many of our pets are fostered in loving homes, developing and bettering social and emotional skills. They are adopted when they are healthy, have had all their shots, have been de-wormed and come to you already spayed/neutered and micro chipped ready for their forever home. A healthy pet makes a happy home.