Bobtail - Baby - Female
Adoptable Small Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

This little sweetheart is ready for adoption. She is a true millennial kitten as she love to play with the mouse on your computer screen. While she may appear shy at first don’t let her fool you …she is loyal to a fault and develops a steadfast allegiance to to one who loves and feeds her. Her antics will keep you laughing. Her little bob tail is an endless source of amusement as it stands erect up when she meows and twitches when she is ready to pounce. She loves to have her back scratched lightly near her nub tail…she sticks her rear up and relishes the attention. She is as smart as she is cute with a purr to melt your heart. Fill out an application and schedule a visit to meet this little beauty http://wwpetrescue.org/