Jovial Josh

Tabby - Tuxedo - Baby - Male
Adoptable Medium Spayed/Neuteredhousetrained

Jovial Josh…. this young man is a fur ball of sunshine. Josh is handsome with think like pewter and charcoal tabby markings highlighted with his soft white tuxedo accents. His big yellow-green eyes are expressive and will melt your heart with one look. Josh is quite the jester when he plays jumping and prancing sideways like a jokester as he prepares to attack his toys. Josh is so jubilant when he sees you he practically does jumping Jacks in his excitement. Josh is the gentle giant when her curls lovingly beside you while his jovial purr rains smiles and sunshine on each and every day. To adopt Josh please complete an application by following the link below.

Applications are taken on a first come basis….The Petfinder “inquiry” link is NOT an application….please follow the link below for the application and a faster response. If you have a pet already and want to avoid a delay please provide vet docs with the application.

Please note should you not be the first approved applicant we welcome the opportunity to match you with the perfect kitten/cat for you. We can inform you of the wonderful furry opportunities before we post them to others. We have many to choose from. Our goal is to have every kitten and human ecstatic and live happily ever after. Call Lisa (904) 797-6039.

Wags and Whiskers take get pride in committing their pets to the highest standards of health and socialization. Many of our pets are fostered in loving homes, developing and bettering social and emotional skills. They are adopted when they are healthy, have had all their shots, have been de-wormed and come to you already spayed/neutered and microchipped ready for their forever home. A healthy pet makes a happy home.