Adoptable Medium Spayed/Neuteredhousetrained

Once in awhile you come across a gem…thus is the case with Mason. Mason must be related to the famous Garfield for Mason is one of the kindest, easiest going kittens. As you can see he will sleep in the most unusual positions with out a care in the world. He was like silly putty for pictures allowing himself to be molded and manipulated with out any concern….literally purring the whole time….as if he was singing “Don’t worry be Happy” He is not exotic or high maintenance. He the epitome of a gentle soul. Yes, Mason does play and have fun and loves to please you with his antics,,,,,,but there is something we can all learn from Mason.. This is the kitten that will help you leave all your stress behind you. He is the master at chillaxing. If you want to Not “worry and be happy” fill out an application and let your chillaxing begin