Tabby - Baby - Female
Adoptable Medium housetrained

Meet Onyx a rare and exotic black tabby. Her markings are stunning and seem to shimmer like the moon off the ocean at night when she moves. Her fur feels like silk and you can’t resist petting her, relishing in the feel beneath your fingers. She is playful as she skillfully stalks her toys. Her purr is like that of a mezzo filling the room with the richness of her sound. She loves kneading her unique silver and Onyx paws as she makes biscuits. Her golden eyes are striking framed by her exotic silver and Onyx face. She has a playful and spontaneous personality wrapped up in a the richness of her Onyx coloring. To adopt this shimmering Onyx please fill out an application and call to schedule a meeting .http://wwpetrescue.org/adoption/cat-adoption-application/ or Call Lisa — (904) 797-6039.