Torbie - Baby - Female
Adoptable Medium Spayed/Neuteredhousetrained

Meet the exotic Opal…The name Opal means precious stone. Opal, like the gemstone is unique and has an array of colors that ripple through her silky fur. Her markings are captivating boasting silver tabby stripes with scattered brushes of fiery rust. Her eyes have an exotic flare with unusual hints of jade green. Her features like an Opal gem will change depending upon the light. The Opal gemstone, just like this little girl, is associated with love. It is said that having an Opal will bring faithfulness and loyalty to your life. This purrfectly describes the personality of this little jewel. She is not only an exotic beauty she is a lover. She is loyal to a fault and faithful to you always. She loves to play but is often purring with pleasure during the process. Let this Opal enhance your life by filling out an application and scheduling a time to meet this gem of a feline!
http://wwpetrescue.org/adoption/cat-adoption-application/ or lCall Lisa — (904) 797-6039.