Polly Dactyl

Tabby - Baby - Female
Adoptable Medium housetrained

The perfectly imperfect Polly Dactyl. Being a polydactyl kitten she is unique having extra toes giving her larger comfy paws that she loves to continuously knead showing her sweetness and joy. Polly is a beautiful tri-colored tabby with colors ranging from chocolate brown, to sandy beige with whispers of coppery rust. Her definitive M on her forehead is a reminder of her rich heritage and genetic intelligence. Her fur is soft and her tai-tri-colored stripes ripple gently when you pet her. Watching her bat her toys around with those big polydactyl paws is both mesmerizing and amusing. Poly is a lover of all people. She has a sweet gentle spirit always longing to please you. Her purr is like her paws, big, comfy and gentle. To pre-adopt Poly Dactyl this unique and gentle wonderment please fill out an application.

Applications are taken on a first come basis….The petfinder “inquiry” link is NOT an application….please follow the link below for the application and a faster response. If you have a pet already and want to avoid a delay please provide vet docs with application.

http://wwpetrescue.org/adoption/cat-adoption-application/ Call Lisa (904) 797-6039.

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