Mixed Breed - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

This is Rosemary (Rosey). She is a St. Augustine Mutt full of love and
energy perfect for that one person or 1 family that does not currently have
any pets. She is 28 lbs and 4 years old. She has a very soft short coat and
LOVES to snuggle. If you offer it up for her- she likes to sleep under the
blankets and sheets with you and sit right next to you- truthfully- on top
of you. She is house trained and prefers to be an inside dog. Rosey is very
smart and has completed a few agility courses as a young pup, and was
trained to climb a ladder to a playhouse so she could be near her girls (our
daughters). Her favorite game is fetch and she has never met a tennis ball
or a treat she hasn’t loved. Due to illness in the home, Rosey will need to
find a new forever home due to the owners inability to adequately care for
this high energy pup. She needs more exercise and training ( due to her care
taker being unable) which has caused her to show food and territorial
aggression to smaller animals, and she has been known on a few occasions to
challenge larger dogs to try to establish dominance. She loves people- any
size, any age, and will show a smile and give kisses.