Dog & Cat Grooming

We offer grooming for dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes.  To make an appointment for dog or cat grooming, please call us at (904) 797-6039.

All bathing and grooming prices include clipping and filing nails, expressing anal glands, and plucking and cleaning ears.

We are happy to use your shampoo or a shampoo recommended by your vet, and we recommend all pets be on flea protection.

Pricing does not includes heavy undercoat or matt removal, and pricing for these services will vary.  In some instances, we may recommend for matted pets to be shaved.  Matting can cause skin irritation and even sores.  In some instances, your pet may need to visit a veterinarian for treatment.

Bathing Prices

Small Dog (>10 lbs)$10.00
Small Coated (<10 lbs)$15.00
Medium Dog$15.00
Medium Coated$25.00
Large Dog$25.00
Large Dog Coated$30.00
Full Coated Cat$35.00

Grooming Prices

Small Dog$35.00-$45.00
Medium Dog$46.00-$55.00
Large Dog$56.00 & Up
Standard Poodle$70.00 & Up
Cat Lion Cut Without Bath$45.00
Cat Lion Cut With Bath$55.00

Individual Pricing

Nail Trim$5.00
Feet Trim$3.00
Face Trim$5.00
Ears Plucked$5.00
Sanitary Cut$5.00
Anal Glands$5.00
Sanitary Cut (Feet & Face)$10.00